If extinction is our fault, de-extinction is our problem.

By Eli Russell

Thanks to humans, many species are now extinct, such as the dodo, the passenger pigeon, and the Tasmanian tiger, just to name a few. Some species going extinct might not sound like a big deal in nature, but remember: they had roles in their ecosystem, roles that need to be filled. If they had died naturally, because of predators or a changing ecosystem, then it would not make sense to bring them back, they would simply die again, however, if humans drove them to extinction, then it was not for a reason, and they are still needed.

Although humans caused a problem, extinction, they can solve it with de-extinction, cloning back extinct species. The technology needed for de-extinction is really coming along. The bucardo, an extinct species of goat, has been cloned. It died minutes after birth, but the technology is still being improved.

Would you like to do something for the planet? Do you wish certain species had never gone extinct? Go for de-extinction!

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The Tasmanian Tiger, hunted to extinction. Should it live again? Your choice.