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WSD3 Tech Talk August 2019

Welcome Back!

Welcome back Widefield! My name is Kelley Stone and I am the Instructional Technology Specialist in the district. As the ITS, I am here to support you in integrating and implementing Educational Technology in your classroom. This means I can come in and model lessons in the classroom, consult with you to brainstorm ideas for tech use, recommend apps, come support you while you are integrating tech in the classroom and more! Don't hesitate to reach out anytime if you need help!

Team DTS and TLRS

DTS exists to support effective teaching and high levels of learning, and provide a technology-rich environment with quality customer service.

You have many resources to help you with your technology needs. Each building has a TIC (Technology Integration Coach) available to help you with educational technology or support questions. Don't know who that is? Check with your principal. Your building TICs meet once a month with the DTS and TLRS team to keep up to date on tech trends and district level technology.

DTS is the district's Department of Techology Services and is under the direct guidance of the amazing Carlos Lopez. TLRS exists to support effective teaching and high levels of learning and provide a technology-rich environment with quality customer service. TLRS provides a high level of innovation integration into the libraries, media centers, and your classroom. It is under the awesome direction of Terri Brungardt who works to keep Widefield up to date on technology trends.

Having trouble with your computer? Need to know what printers work well with our network? Want to integrate a 3D printer into the curriculum? Having trouble with your applications or technology hardware? Reach out. Here are two ways to get started.

1) Submit a ticket through

2) Call the help desk at ext. 3023

Each school has an assigned onsite tech. Get to know them! They are extremely helpful!

Want to know where to find the district Apps List? Take a look at this video.

Wanting to get started with Google Sites? Take a look at the quick getting started video below.

Schoology and Google Sites PD

Schoology PD is an opportunity to learn more about the Blended Learning Environment using Schoology as the vehicle. You will leave this 1 credit class ready to go into the classroom with materials, assessments, and content already built into one of your classes. There is still room in the August 24, September 3, and September 10 class.

Google Sites PD is an opportunity to learn more about creating a teacher webpage or incorporating student digital portfolios in your classroom. This is not an advanced class. Participants will leave this half credit class with a complete webpage ready to publish to the web. There is still room in the September 14 class.

The TLC Connection

Formative assessments hold tremendous value in supporting the classroom environment. Formative assessments drive instruction, differentiation, goal-setting, and individualized learning. Formative assessments are quick checks for understanding.They can come in many different forms, but here are some ideas to help you in the classroom.

  • Schoology discussion questions
  • Plickers
  • Poll everywhere (which can be embedded into Google Slides or PowerPoint presentations)
  • LucidCharts
  • Kahoot
  • Peardeck
  • Google Forms
and many more. Want to know how to use these tools? Reach out!