Forensic Science

By Makayla Thompson


Forensic science is any scientific field that is applied to the field of law.I chose forensic science because I noticed myself become more interested in this type of job.

Medical Examiner

  • The medical examiner helps determine the cause of death and collects forensic evidence from the body to help police in solving homicide cases.
  • Must have a medical degree to become a Medical Examiner.
  • Makes about 42,000 a year.

Forensic Ondontoligist

  • They analyze bite marks, tooth fragments, and jaws to existing x-rays or photographs to help identify a victim or suspect.
  • Makes about $69,000 to 146,000 a year; this varies by state.


  • Screens bodily fluids, hair, and nails for any substances that may be present in either the victim or the suspect.
  • Makes an average of 70,000 a year.
  • Needs a bachelor's degree, but a doctorate may be preferred by many employers.

Physical Anthropologist

  • They identify human bones and discover who they were and how they died. They also assist in digging up bones from a crime scene.
  • A masters degree is required and sometimes a doctorate degree.
  • Makes between 31,000 and 81,000 a year.

Some Tasks of a Forensic Science Technician

  1. Testify in court about investigative or analytical methods or findings.
  2. Take photographs of evidence.
  3. Examine and analyze blood stain patterns at crime scenes.
  4. Reconstruct crime scenes to determine relationships among pieces of evidence.

Relation to a Real World Job

In a real world job it would be way more intense but this station gives us an idea on what it would be like.