College Composition and Research

Interview Essay: Global Collaboration

Student Engagement in Global Collaboration

College Composition and Research students recently wrote feature-style interview essays as a part of the dual credit English curriculum. Students utilized Skype and Google Hangout to engage in global collaboration with four interviewees. Students were responsible for researching each interviewee prior to the scheduled interview, creating interview questions, taking collaborative notes during the live interviews, and structuring productive interview sessions. Students then organized their notes and chose one interviewee as the subject of their feature story/interview essay.

Skyping around the Globe: Bringing the World into our Classroom

Students in Action

Students organized roles during the interview. The short clip below gives you a glimpse of the students during the interview. Students at the front table were the speakers during the interview. They organized the interview questions that were created by students in the class. The speakers were also responsible for engaging with the interviewee. Other students were engaged in taking notes on collaborative docs.
College Composition and Research Interview with Detective Taney

Student Essays: Front Page News

After the interview process, student chose one interviewee as the focus of their interview essay, which ultimately became a feature story. Students utilized a recursive writing process through Writer's Workshop to develop and publish final drafts.

Claire Chapman's interview essay/feature story made the news! Her essay on Bob Wimer's "Singing under the Overpass" was recently published on the front page of the Republican-Times.
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