The Amazing Dragster

By: Lauren Kane


1. Speed is how fast an object can move for a certian amount of distance.

2. If you have round edges, as little amount of wood as possible, and if your car is smooth are factors of design that can affect speed.

3.The "Intersector" is a traffic signal vehicle detection device that uses radar like sensors to more easily detect bicycle traffic and make street crossings safer for cyclists and motorists.


  1. The factors of round edges, to be as light as possibe, and how smooth the car is are important for a successful launch of my car.
  2. Round edges, the smoothness, and the color are the best features of my car.
  3. I think that the weight of my car will negatively affect my cars performance.
  4. I think my car will go 5 miles per hour.


  1. My car turned out well, I thought it wouldn't be as good as it is.
  2. I liked making my car the best because it was a bit of a challenge but it was super fun.
  3. I think I could have made it smaller. I wish I would have taken more wood off it my car because then it would have gone faster.
  4. I didn't like making the parts online. I wish we could have just drawn the shape on the piece of wood, that would have saven some time.