The Fifth Fam Flyer

Follow the current happenings of our fifth grade family!

Week of October 17, 2016


  • Parent conferences start the week of 10/24 and 10/31. Please look out for conference information from your child's homeroom teacher. Cheng and Hinkel have sent out links to their available slots through signupgenius. Please look through your emails for this link.
  • Parents, please complete this Brightbytes survey:
  • Life as a parent has its difficulties – time being one of them. Please sign and return all documents necessary in your student’s Tuesday Folder. Please have your student return it the very next day. If schedules do not let you speak with your student on Tuesday evenings – perhaps setting up a routine would help. Students could place a note on it and set it on the kitchen table or the coffee table or a set location in your home.
  • PLEASE have your carpool number visible. This helps the line move so much faster. If you do not have your OFFICIAL RICHARDSON TERRACE CARPOOL TAG SIGN, just put it on a piece of paper up in the front window of your vehicle. Use the old Sonic napkin – write in ketchup from the half used packet your child threw on the floor of your car…

  • The first bell rings at 7:40. The tardy bell rings at 7:50. Please support your child’s learning by having them to school on-time. Instruction begins at 7:50:00.


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In reading this week, we will be learning about Questioning and comparing paired texts. There is library on Thursday for all blocks. Please bring books. On Friday, students will be taking their Unit 2 Test on Nonfiction.

Spelling words this week are review

  • coach
  • roach
  • poach
  • broach
  • enroach
  • reproach
  • stagecoach

Vocabulary words

belched: emit gas noisily through the mouth

shattered: broken into many pieces

abandoned: deserted or cast off

strewn: scatter or spread (things) untidily over a surface or area

greedy: having or showing an intense and selfish desire for something

kingdom: a country, state, or territory ruled by a king or queen

Greek/Latin Affix

vid- see

vis- see

Math News

How is your students ability to multiply by 2 digit factors? Are you working with them? How are their facts?

We finished reviewing our Unit One test last week. You should ask your student to see their score. We are looking to improve on the next Unit Test. Our next unit test will be the week of November 7.

This coming week we will be continuing our learning about decimals. We are multiplying decimals – think money, as it is the easiest real world tie-in you can practice with your students. We will be using the properties of integers as well as models and diagrams. Ask your students to see their math journals(which they should be using with their homework anyways) to see what they have been learning. It should have notes each day and a table of contents to organize their notes

Science News

This week in science we learn about electricity! We will demonstrate how electricity flows through a complete circuit, by building different types of series and parallel circuits and observing how open and closed circuits effect the load. We will also "act out" the flow of electrons by using body movement.

Ms. Kersh will be introducing "Science Court" this week. Science Court is a fun, interactive, and engaging program designed to teach fundamental concepts in science. A humorous courtroom drama provides the vehicle for demonstrations and explanations as lawyers battle over a case. The trial is being covered by animated characters. The students, working in cooperative teams, act as courtside commentators. At various breaks in the trial, the teacher leads the students through a review of the facts, a hands-on activity, and a prediction about what will happen next. At the end of the trial, the students predict how the jury will vote. Science Court is fun, funny, and a great learning experience. Science Court is a software program for the classroom, used with a whole group of students and led by a teacher. The activity uses technology to get students in a group to interact, not with a machine, but with each other.

In this episode of Science Court: Electric Current, I. M. Richman refuses to relinquish his ping pong trophy to the new champion, Mary Murray. But he does agree to let her look at it. On the way into Richman's mansion, Mary trips and breaks the wire for Richman's alarm system. He repairs the wire with his dog's leash, but later notices that the circuit is broken. Did Mary attempt to steal the trophy, or does it have something to do with how the electric current. Our hands-on explorations will give students the opportunity to solve the case and decide if a "Science Law" has been broken.