Feb. 1, 2013 (VOL. 5)


Next Wednesday is already the 100th day of school. Amazing isn't it?!?!

  • Happy Hour - at CRUSH on Thursday, Feb. 7th @ 3:30 in honor of Kimberly Heppner's engagement, Michelle's baby, and just to enjoy each other's splendid company! (437 S Hwy 101 #112 Solana Beach, CA 92075)
  • Staff Meeting on Wednesday - Kelsey Holohan to review Productive Group Work Strategies.
  • Trustworthy Pillar - Please post the Trustworthy door poster and thank you for always modeling this pillar in how you treat and talk to students and each other.
  • Time fluency Scores - Due to Judy by Feb. 8th so that data for Student Success Day on the 13th will be complete. We only need scores for our non-proficient readers
  • Let Judy or Kathy know where your class is at if it differs from the schedule they have. When parents pick up their child early, we need to be able to locate your class.
  • 3-N-1 Drill on Monday - Reminders: Parent Volunteers participate, lock doors during lock-down, don't walk underneath the lunch shelter (in case an earthquake caused damage), remind students to be completely quiet for the duration of the drill
  • Cure Finders Fundraiser - Next two weeks

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekends.



High Tides!

  • Lauren Bauman - for such great class communication to staff about the new and creative science projects that students are doing. Students are loving going to science!
  • Debbie Barba - for being such a wonderful music teacher, providing such great music programs, and making our Friday Assemblies so much more special.
  • Shauna Reisner - for filling in for Lindsay during Cabinet. Thank you for being a team player!
  • Janelle Guy and Kimberly Heppner - for completing the Carlsbad Half-Marathon in personal best times!
  • Kim Tatley and the First Grade Team - 3rd graders teach 1st graders how to make iMovies who in turn teach their classmates how to make them. Great model.
  • 4th Grade Team - For another great Gold Rush Day. Students have been so excited.
  • Common Core Math Strategies - being implemented from Trainings! Students are solving problems, using multiple strategies, articulating their thought process, and really deepening their conceptual understanding of math.


In this article, "Making Ripples - How Principals and Teachers Can Spread Hope Throughout Our Schools," it talks about how each one of us can affect the lives of many, for good or bad and how if we can inspire hope in students they will be more successful in school and in life! We are definitely giving hope to our students, their families, and each other!


4th Grade Gold Rush Performance - Do-Si-Do!