Green Careers

Fisheries Officers

Job Duties/ Environmental relationship between the environment and job

One of the jobs are running and working at hatchery's. Hatchery's are where natural breeding happens. Natural breeding is because it done with human help. At a hatchery they keep track of how many fish are there so they have a close population of fish out there. They also identify different species in the water and if there's new species. They also make sure nothing in is endangering the fish and if there is something a positive way to help get it out of the rivers with out damaging the fish's environment.

The environmental relationship is that are making sure that the fish are not getting over populated for the room in they have or under populated, to many people not doing catch and release.


To be an official Fisheries Officer you have to have a Bachelor's degree.

Disadvantages and Advantages

One disadvantage is that a Fisheries Officer gets payed $12.30 per hour and normally others are being payed around $16 per hour. In a year a normal payed person earns $36,000 a year when a Fisheries Officer gets payed $25,590 a year.

Some advantages is to know you are helping the environment and get to tell others about what they can do to help. Also if you love fishing most likely this would be helpful to when you fish you know what everything is and what you can do right and not hurt every living thing around you when you fish.

Some pictures of fishing farms and hatchery's. Also one of the (fish) that is endangering the stream life.

This could be a great green career for anyone who enjoys working with fish or helping the environment.