Jamestown, Virginia

Kaela Spinks & Michelle Snyder

Who founded your colony?

Captain John Smith, one of the first American heroes, founded the colony. He actively promoted the further colonization of Virginia in London.

What region was your colony in?

Jamestown was located in the Virginia peninsula of the Tidewater Region in the Southern Colonies. The growing season lasted until about 7-9 months, the soil was most fertile, and the land forms were mostly coastal plains and some piedmont.

What year and why was your colony founded?

Jamestown was founded May 14, 1607 by John Smith and was the capital of the Virginia colony until 1699. The settlers were looking towards the new world for gold and things to gain wealth.

What were your colony's economic resources?

Jamestown had a nearly-round growing season, and the use of enslaved Africans allowed Southern planters to produce cash crops of tobacco and rice. Tobacco became Virginia’s first profitable export, and some other resources were seafood and timber, and later, they produced soybeans, corn, and tomatoes. There is also a lot of livestock, so they have access to a lot of chicken and beef.

What was your colony's geography and climate?

The five different climate regions in Virginia are Tidewater, Piedmont, Northern Virginia, Western Mountain, and Southwestern Mountain. The average temperature is 55.7 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average rainfall is 42.7 inches. Winters on the Blue Ridge can be bitterly cold while other parts of the state have long growing seasons and temperatures rarely drop below 0 degrees.