Coaching Corner

March 21, 2016

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Math News

Grade levels 3-5 received the resource Mentoring Minds Motivation Math. I am getting training on this new resource on 3/31. Please schedule a time to meet with me after that date, so that I can go through it with you.


  • Writing: The K-5 4th Nine Weeks Writing is now available in Eduphoria Forethought. Writing samples and conferring videos have been added.
  • If you haven't done so already, please send me a time that I can come watch your writing conferences in action, or if you'd like for me to demo, let me know! I've loving getting to see teachers using what they learned in our Audrey Bragg training. Keep up the good work! Audrey will be coming back in May to do some conferring coaching.

  • Reading: There is a new document that gives guidance on how to use technology for grouping students based on the cluster pre-assessments; as well as how to use technology to create formative assessments. This document will be linked in cluster 7.
  • The 5th Grade Testing Genre has been added to cluster 6 in Eduphoria Forethought.

Audrey Bragg Visit

Writing Across Carroll

Learning New Things: Continued from last week

In an article in School Administrator, Rebecca Stobaugh (Western Kentucky University) and Sandra Love (Mentoring Minds), both former principals, tackle five common conceptual errors about critical thinking. I'm going to highlight 1-2 a week in the next few weeks.

Misconception #5: Any teacher can facilitate critical thinking. Not true, say the authors. Many teachers need PD on framing good critical thinking questions, modeling high-level thinking themselves, and revising their lesson tasks and assessments so they spur critical thinking. One of the best ways for teachers to improve their skills in this area is working with colleagues to create curriculum unit plans, assess student work, and focus on effective practices.