Post Office

By Ben Ling

What is the Post Office

The post office is also known as the postal service. What the postal service does is they provide a service to everyone of the united States. There service is to deliver mail, package or anything that needs to be shipped. There are similar mail companies that will also ship packages like Fedex and UPS. The post office is similar to the invention of email. Email is where you can ship mail over the internet. The good thing about email is it is very fast. The bad things is email is subject to hackers and you dont need electricity to hold a letter. The post office is very different from the FedEx and UPs because they are part of the government and they have some different rights than the other mail companies.

Why we should use the post office?

The post office system has been around since 1673. Thats a long time. The post office has been helping spread information for hundreds of years. Before the internet was created, everyone had to get their news from the newspaper or the radio. The post office delivers the newspapers to your house.
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Why Postal Service helped movement.

The Postal Service really helped in many different ways in the movement of people in the United States.

1. One reason that this invention helped was it aloud people to really spread apart from one another. People had to live close to the things that they wanted news from. The postal Service aloud the people to move away and still be connected.

2. The postal service also help save many different slave lives. The slaves were forced to take the mail across long journeys and if they did not make it then they were punished or killed.

3. The post office helped movement by helping the north win the civil war. The post office in the north delivered important papers and packages to the north. This effect the movement of people because then the USA would be divided into a slave country and a free country.

4. The post office help the movement of people because they would ship and deliver important packages across America. It could let people go any where and they could get stuff and stay updated. It also allows people to get goods and ideas from everywhere in America so people did not have to live by the farms or stores.

5. The post office also helped the movement of people by keeping them in an area. If people move to an area and a disaster hits then they move back but the mail allows for people top help[ those people.

Remember Keep Useing the Post Office.

Many post offices are closing because of the inflation in prices and many people are not using Post Office.

Use The Post Office

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