Parent Newsletter!

Miss Lotter's Fourth Grade Class

August 31-September 4

Hello parents, WE MADE IT TO WEEK TWO! I am so looking forward to another great week at Claxton Elementary! If you have any questions at all, please contact me at or 828-350-6500 ext. 6523!

Peek at the Week!

Math: We will continue working on place value this week while integrating and analyzing addition algorithms and strategies.

Language Arts: We will continue to launch daily five and create expectations for our narrative writing.

Science: We will continue our unit on health and nutrition and begin to get into experiments!

Check out what we're doing!

Reminders and Support!


-We started homework this week, so please help your child in making sure that they are responsibly completing those worksheets. Some of the questions are review, and some are things we will be going over this week. If your child is struggling with something we have not gone over yet, they may circle it and ask for help the next day. Homework is due every Friday.

-If you still have paperwork to return, please get that turned in as soon as possible.

-If you signed up to volunteer, I will be in contact with you soon about the ways that we could use your help!


-As growing fourth graders, they eat A LOT! We are beginning to run low on snack, so if you are able, we would greatly appreciate some donations of preferably healthy snacks (Since we are studying nutrition)!

-We do need some more spiral notebooks and pocket folders, so if you are able to donate any of those, that would truly help our class out as well!

Thank you for all of your support and dedication in helping our whole class to be successful!