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Marv Parliament gets a twinkle in his eye when he talks about building his business. It was the challenge that he loved. The mechanics of fitting together the right food, atmosphere, location, etc. that had intrigued him.

As the marketing manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins, he had passed a barbecue restaurant everyday. Cars would line the road as dozens of people would go to eat barbecue chicken and burgers. He wondered how they attracted so many diners. He also remembers a burger joint in his home town in Canada. People by the droves would park up and down the road and wait in line for a lousy burger. Marv thought "What would happen if you served a good burger?" He watched his current Cascade location as a variety of businesses opened and closed over the years. He was certain that it was a good place for a restaurant.

One day opportunity presented itself. A close friend, Bruce McLaughlin, suggested opening a store that sold Colorado wines. Bruce and his wife own Minturn Cellars and by law, are allowed five tasting rooms outside of the winery. Marv, still intrigued with having a busy roadside restaurant of his own, wanted to serve food as well. So the idea of a wine tasting restaurant was born.

Friends were skeptical. What if it did not work? What if it failed? Marv chuckled and thought 'If we don't make it, we will drink wine all winter.' The building he had watched through the years was available, so he went to work.

Knowing that an important part of a successful restaurant is curb appeal, he contacted the Business of Art Center to find a muralist. Allen Burton transformed the plain cinder block building into a work of art. Marv and his wife Francine gathered the necessities, buying only what they could pay for. They put an old couch out front for outdoor seating and decorated with potted plants, grape vines and a few patio tables. Yet they had begun to create a special atmosphere. One that was uniquely their own.

That year they started serving burgers - good ones. Then a man pulled in an asked if they served wine burgers. He said there is a place in Phoenix that serves them and you can not get a seat there. That was all Marv needed to hear. He created his own wine burger with grilled onions and roasted green chilies and the menu started to grow.

Marv had always loved cooking, so creating new dishes was fun for him. At first, a few sandwiches and appetizers were added to the menu. Next Marv's homemade chili and spaghetti with veal sausage were offered. Little by little it evolved. Now it is a full menu with many local favorites like salmon Caesar salad, buffalo burgers and roast beef sandwiches. Today, the restaurant is the favorite of locals, business owners and visitors alike. They come for the atmosphere, to pick up a new bottle of wine or to try a special dish from the smoker. Once you visit, it will be one of your favorites too.

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