Graysons Declassified Tsunami Guide

Landon Armato, Grayson Bush, and Jadyan martinez

About Us

Grayson- Medical officer

He takes care of people the best, and is in charge of the medicine.

Landon- Navigator

He helps Jadyan with all the flying.

Jadyan- Pilot

He drives the plane, and without him we couldn't get anywhere.


To provide relive people in need.

Primary objective

Drop care packages for all the people in the Philippines

Info about the team.

-We are a group of friends trying to change the world the best we can!

We gladly appreciate if you donate anything that would be helpful.

-Grayson's Tips

#305 If you miss out on one of your flight lessons, just get the navigator to do what you don't know!


Our goal was accomplished. The total time it took to deliver supplies was 30 hours and 40 minutes. The total flight time was 25 Hours and 40 Minutes.

Manifest- Our total weight was 25050 lbs

Refrigerated medical supplies- 500 lbs

Portable hospital- 1500 lbs

Medical supplies- 400 lbs

Portable latrine-800 lbs

Portable hospital- 1500 lbs

Drinking water- 1800 lbs

Clothing Blankets- 1000 lbs

Food- 400

Mosquito supplies- 600 lbs

portable hospital- 1500 lbs

medical supplies- 200

misc.- 350

food- 400

medical supplies- 600

medical supplies- 200

What we accomplished was that we helped people that were hungry,and were injured.

-Grayson's Tips

#97 Larger sized shirts and pants are way better things to bring or donate than baby clothes.


We almost flew into a volcano,almost shot down by North Korea, but so worth it.
Our accomplishments in order.
-We gave our presentation
-we made our flight plan
-created a pallet
-listed are equipment
-then we were off.

Lessons?- Make sure you have the correct supplies, it'll help on the long run.
misconception-Some of the foods that were brought weren't exectable and had to be replaced. Also there's a certain limit to the planes weight capacity, and how far it can reach.

Strategy that helped us- learn about about there culture so you don't offend anyone.

What worked? Working together, TEAM WORK

what didn't work? We got only 72 percent and it didn't help us much with our equipment.

-Grayson's Tips

#258 Have a good flight plan. You don't wanna end up with volcanic ash in your engine while your barreling into North Korea!

The diagrams

Total weight:25050

Which supplies directly addressed your goal.

We think it was medical supplies because it helped everyone in need.

total volume 1760

-Grayson's Tips

#52 Make sure that you schedule landings at public airports, not private.


We want to help people. It is simple, we bring humanitarian aid to countries that need it. We accept donations from all sorts, and we want to bring the world together. We have accomplished many things on this journey of helping people. However, we need your help, please donate to help countries abroad.

Please Press Me! (: (: (: