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History of Space Exploration: Mir Space Station

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Russian Space Station (Mir)

Space Station Mir is a Russian space station. The Russian Space Station Mir was in orbit for 15 years and this was much longer than they expected. Mir was a symbol of Russia’s ability to be a future leader in space.

Bright Light

At night Mir could be seen as a bright light in the sky. At the time, many people began to wonder where the human race was going.
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About Mir

Astronauts were able to travel to Mir. Mir was very strange looking, it was one of the biggest structures in outer space. The average traveling speed was 17,885 mph and it orbited 250 miles above the Earth.

How Mir Looks

On the outside Mir looked like a dragonfly. Over the years, 4 modules had been added to the outside of Mir and it looked like it had wing
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Inside of Mir After 10 Years

Americans got to go on Mir when it was 10 years old. By this time the inside of Mir looked really messy. It had floating bags of trash and broken equipment.

Valeri Polyakov

A physician named Valeri Polyakov lived on Mir for 437 days, 17 hour and 38 minutes. He was on Mir for a continuous orbit and finished his stay in 1995. Many studies were done on long-term human space flight.

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Issues of Mir

Issues started coming up with Mir. People were afraid of Mir crashing into populated areas because it crossed over just about every city on Earth.

Mir Re-entered Earths Atmosphere

On Friday, March 23, 2001 at 9:00 a.m. Mir re-entered Earth’s atmosphere, and Mir had more than 86,000 orbits. Mir weighed 134 tons. When it re-entered some of the structure broke up over the southern Pacific Ocean.


The Russians sent Mir into orbit for the first time on February 20, 1986. Mir’s first crew arrived in mid March 1986. In 1987, Mir’s first module was added. It was called the Kvant-1.
Mir Space Station Tour
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Inside MIR Space Station
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