Survival Guide

for the Mojave Desert

Continent, Climate, and Geography

The Mojave Desert is located in North America. It is a desert climate, hot during the day cold during the night. It has many mountains also.
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Four steps to survive

1. Cut open a cactus to get fresh water.

2. Use a Pinyon Pine Tree for shade.

3. Make a blanket out of bighorn sheep hide since it gets cold at night.

4. Cut off the tail of a scorpion, the cook body and eat it for food.

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Animal Life

The wildlife includes american badgers, bighorn sheep, and bobcats.

The bighorn sheep's hide can keep you warm at night. Its horns can also hurt you if attacked.

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Plant Life

The plant life includes the Juniper tree, the Joshua tree, and the Pinyon Pine Tree. The Pinyon Pine Tree can give you shade. This tree is not harmful to you
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