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About Me

As you know, my name is Cal Kilgore. Whenever I'm bored, I usually pick up a book and just read. I like to read because I find it fun and can learn a lot from a good book. When I was little, I would read a few pages of a picture book to my parents every night. I used to really enjoy that. I also play a lot of sports and I'm into a lot of books by Mike Lupica and Tim Green who write sports books.

My Interests

My favorite kind of books are about sports. Mike Lupica and Tim Green all write sports books and they are probably my favorite authors. Also, my all time favorite book series is probably Harry Potter. I started reading the series in first grade and liked the books ever since.


I chose this quote because I think every book can make you smarter or learn something.

10 Things About Me as a Reader

1. I never check out books from libraries.

2. It is absolutely impossible for me to read if there is noise.

3. I always read before I go to sleep.

4. My favorite spot to read is probably my dad's car.

5. My favorite book series is probably Harry Potter.

6. I also like sports books.

7. One of my favorite authors is Mike Lupica.

8. I am a pretty fast reader.

9. I like to re-read book series.

10. I usually read the book before the movie.

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I chose this website because you can pick what genre you like and pick out books from there.
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