By: Taylin J. White

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Culture is a huge part of Brazil !

What type of food do Brazilian people eat ?

Brazilian food is influenced by African and Portuguese cuisine , and most of the food is exotic to most people . Beans, beef, and pork are included in many dishes but , foods like hamburgers, and pizza are gaining popularity.

Brazil would not be special without landscapes!

What are 2 of the main landscapes found in Brazil? How big (size)?How was it formed ?

Amazon Basin

The Amazon Basin is 1,544,400 square miles long .It was formed as the continental crust formed, more than a million years ago and thought time, depression caused it to get deeper and fill with water .

Amazon Rain Forest

Being 2.214million miles, is one of the reasons why the Amazon Rain Forest is famous.It could also be the fact that it started forming when Ancient Gondwanaland split into two pieces , and sediments eroded , soon trees and flowers started to grow.


How and who discovered Brazil?

A Portuguese settler, Pedro Alvares Cabral, discovered Brazil On April 22, 1500. Pedro was not looking for Brazil, in fact he didn't even know what Brazil was, until Pedro and his crew saw Native Americans wondering around and decided that he should stop on the island.

Resourses of Brazil

What are some of Brazil's main (3) resources ?

3 of Brazil's main resources include ....

  • Bauxite
  • Gold
  • Diamonds

Where are they exported to?

  • Bauxite is usually exported to the United States of America and Canada
  • Gold is mostly exported to the United States of America , Canada, India and the United Kingdom
  • Diamonds are exported everywhere throughout the world

How is it found ?

  • Bauxite is found on the surface,usually after intense weather
  • Gold is found in the water with nets or mined out of caves on mountains
  • Diamonds are mined out of a cave
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