By: Giuseppe Mazzola

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What type of unique holidays does Chile celebrate? Why?

Chileans love to celebrate Independence Day. They celebrate the holiday because September 18 is when Chileans began working toward independence from Spain.Today, they celebrate the holiday by reenacting important events by, eating, drinking, and dancing.


Is it hard to live in Chile because of the Andes Mountains?

It is not hard to live in Chile because of the Andes, but people say it is difficult to live in Chile because if it's harsh weather.Chile runs more than half the length of the whole South American continent. Chile is also known ro have the harshest weather in South America.


What is Chile's major export? What is it used for?

Chile’s economy is one of the strongest in South America. In Chile they say “Copper is king” because Chile is the world’s largest producer of copper. Copper is used for wiring mostly for electricians.


Where there any Native American groups in Chile?

The Chilean is Chile's Native American group.