Your Digital Footprint

What you need to know about your Digital Footprint

What is your Digital Footprint?

Your digital footprint is everything you do on the internet, whether it's posting something of Facebook, or tweeting out something fumy your friend just said, or anything else you do that is public for otter people to see online. Anything you do on the internet that other people can see is your digital footprint.

Why is this important?

Your digital footprint is important for many reasons. If you look online you can find tons of articles about how people got fired from their jobs, and kids got expelled from school because of what they said and did online. If you don't watch what you say and do online for te rest of the world to see then it can get you into major trouble. that's why you should care about your digital footprint.

Social Media

^^ These are the three main Social Networks that are used today ^^

What we need to do!

We all need to be responsible and be careful about what we say and what we post for the world to see. once you put it out there its going to be out there forever. even if you think you completely deleted whatever it is, you really didn't. There is always ways of having it be seen by someone else at a later time. So we to to think before we post.