Hawks Happenings

August 2020

Welcome to Weaverville Elementary!

Welcome to our 2nd grade students and our newly enrolled students and families! Welcome back to all other students and families! What a unique school year we have waiting for us this year! During my 19 years of work in education, I must say this year has already been the greatest challenge I have faced. In order to have a successful school year for your child, we must be a team and focus on strong communication, collaboration and care for one another. We are in this together and I can say without a doubt that our school staff will give 100% in supporting your child's education.

The Hawks Happenings newsletter is a monthly publication that is sent out electronically to the email addresses that we have on file in PowerSchool. We will also post the newsletter on our school's Facebook page and on our school website under the Administration tab. It is very important that our families keep us up to date with any changes in your contact information so you can have access to the latest news. We want our families informed and connected!

Please review the information below. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Heidi.Allison@bcsemail.org or by calling the school. Let's have a great school year!

Working Together,

Heidi Allison

Not getting the phone calls or the emails from the school?

Parents have the power to set their contact permissions through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. It is important that you set up an account so you can keep your contact information up to date and you can see your child's grades. https://buncombeschools.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=92531&pageId=6110796

School supplies should stay at home for your child's use. If you need help in getting supplies for your child, please contact the school and we will provide you with supplies.

Click here to visit the BCS Remote Learning: FAQs

Click here to visit the BCS Remote Learning: Frequently Asked Questions Page

Click here to visit the BCS Virtual Days Help Website

This site includes a lot of helpful technology resources and information.

BCS Technology Help Desk Information

Technology Help Desk: 828-255-5987, 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday-Friday

Live Chat (7:30 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday-Friday)

A Spanish-speaking technician (Técnico- Habla Espanol) is available each day from 8am-4pm.

If busy, email helpdesk@bcsemail.org

No Internet at home? Please call the office at (828) 645-3127 to sign up for a hotspot!

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Phone calls regarding Week A and Week B assignment will go out on Friday, August 7th.

When will I find out who my child's teacher will be?

This year is very different than traditional years. The PowerSchool Parent Portal will be open on Monday, August 10th. You are encouraged to sign up for the Parent Portal so you can access all of your child's information including class placement and grades. You may follow this link to sign up for the PowerSchool Parent Portal https://www.buncombeschools.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=92531&pageId=6109261. A 'cheat sheet' of steps is also listed below.

If you choose not to sign up for the PowerSchool Parent Portal, then you will need to wait until your child's classroom teacher calls you next week. Our homeroom teachers will call each family sometime next week before our Virtual Meet Your Teacher events on Thursday, August 13th. Since we are still working on many things in the main office in order to be ready for school to begin on August 17th, please do not call the office to ask for the name of your child's teacher.

Parent Portal (PowerSchool) Instructions

 Go to buncombeschools.org

 On the right side of the page, click on Quick Links

 Click Parent Portal

 Create Account

 Enter Your First Name

 Enter Your Last Name

 Enter Your Email

 Create your Username (your choice)

 Create your Password (your choice)

 Re-enter your Password

Next section: “Link Students to account”. Enter Student First

and Last Name

 Enter Student Access ID This is your student’s 10 digit

number followed by a capital Z. If your student does not

know this number, it can be found at the top of a report

card. This is also your child's lunch number.

 Enter Student Access Password This is your student’s

birthdate, example 4/1/2000 would be 412000

 Enter Your relationship to student

 Press Enter at the bottom of the page

Your account is now set up and active. From this point forward, when

you choose to log in you will use the username and password you chose.

Parent Portal is accessed through the BCS or Weaverville Elementary

home page or you may download the PowerSchool app on your mobile

device. This looks like a light blue P inside a dark blue box. Accounts

must be set up via desktop or laptop initially, but once set up, you may

access via phone or tablet with the app.

WvES Virtual Meet Your Teacher Events will be held on Thursday, August 13 in the morning. More information will be shared soon!

What will my child's day look like?

This is a very in-depth question.

If your child is signed up for Remote Hybrid learning, then your child will come to our school campus on either Monday/Wednesday (Week A) or Tuesday/Thursday (Week B) on August 17 - August 20th. Our building will open at 7:30 AM for students. During the day, your child will remain in their classroom for instruction, lunch, and specials. Bathroom breaks and movement breaks will be given. Your child's day will consist of relationship-building activities and activities designed to help your child learn how to use their device for when we move to remote learning. School will dismiss at 12:25 on Monday - Thursday. All Remote Hybrid students will be emailed a list of activities that should be completed on Monday or Tuesday when they are at home. These will not use a device since some of our students who are scheduled for their first day on Tuesday will not have a device yet.

If your child is signed up for Remote Only learning, then your child will NOT come to campus. We are organizing a material pick up day for our Remote Only learners and we will share that information soon. All Remote Learners will participate in a 'Class Meeting' Zoom on Monday morning at 8:30 AM. This will be the morning activity for each day Monday - Friday of this week. Your child will most likely have another Zoom session in the morning and then a 'Closing' Zoom at 1:00 PM. Your child will have assignments to complete outside of these Zoom sessions.

On Friday, August 21, all students (Remote Hybrid and Remote Only) will be at home learning. This starts the Remote learning portion of Plan B & Beyond. On this day, we acknowledge that your child may be in a new environment as they transition to childcare or other situations so on this day, we will schedule a 8:30 AM Zoom session for all learners (with your classroom teacher) but then all other work will be completed without 'live instruction'. Your child may have to submit the assignment via the computer or watch a video via computer but that is completed on their own time schedule. Your child's teacher may schedule a 'Closing' Zoom to wrap up the day at 1:00 PM. The daily schedule your child participates in on this day will not be the same as the days to follow because we are still in the learning phase for expectations.

Starting on Monday, August 24th, your child daily classroom schedule will be set. Your child's teacher will share this with you prior to August 24th. The schedule will be the same across the grade level. You can count on having a morning Zoom that we will call the 'Welcoming Activity', a few Zoom sessions throughout the day and then an afternoon Zoom that we will call the 'Optimistic Closure'. All Zoom sessions will take place at some time between the hours of 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Please note that during the week of August 24th, we will still be setting routines, trouble-shooting technology, reviewing skills from the previous grade level and trying to build positive relationships. The teachers on your child's grade level team will be working to find the 'just right' amount of work for assignments. Thank you in advance for your patience this week as we get all the kinks worked out so we can move forward to meaningful instruction starting the week of August 31st.

Your child will have assignments to do when they are not on a Zoom session. These assignments may involve the computer/technology or they may not. We have guidelines regarding how long your child should participate in 'live instruction'/synchronous learning based on grade level. These suggestions may vary a bit according to your child's needs.

*Live and pre-recorded instructional videos should consider the recommended time limits:

  • K-1: 5-10 minute spans, a total of 45 minutes per day

  • 2-3: 10-15 minute spans, a total of 60 minutes per day

  • 4-5: 20 minute spans, a total of 90 minutes per day

  • Please note that this does NOT mean your child will only have this amount of work during this day. This is just a recommendation for live or recorded teaching sessions. Additional work time will be required.

Teachers will provide feedback on student work and assign grades accordingly. Parents may stay up to date on your child's grades by reviewing the work in either SeeSaw or the Google Classroom and by checking the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Daily attendance will be taken.

How do I access the school campus? How will car riders work?

Please remember that all school traffic should use Yost Street which is off Merrimon Avenue when dropping off students and picking up students as car riders. In the morning, cars must use Yost Street to enter our car rider line and when exiting the car rider line.

Due to COVID restrictions, parents are not permitted to walk their child to their classroom but you may walk your child to the top of the parking lot stairs to say goodbyes. Please make sure that a staff member who is on car duty completes the health screening for your child if you choose not to go through the car rider line. All students must complete the health screening PRIOR to exiting their vehicle when in the car rider line.

Your patience is appreciated as our drop off and pick up line will be longer than normal due to new requirements. In addition to the health screening in the morning, students will remain in their classrooms until they are called for car riders in the afternoon. This new procedure will help our limit students mingling with students from other classrooms but it will also take longer than normal. All parents MUST use the car rider line to pick up car riders in the afternoon.

A few WvES families live next door to the school and they are considered 'walkers'. Parents of 'walkers' may come to the top of the stairs near the staff/visitor parking lot or the side of the school near the cafeteria doors to wait for their child to be called. Please do NOT come to the gym door due to physical distancing guidelines. If you do not live next to the school and walk to campus to pick up your child, this does not apply to you so you must use the car rider line.

As a reminder, on August 17 - August 20, school will dismiss at 12:25.

Need to visit the main office?

At Weaverville Elementary we pride ourselves on our partnership with parents and we understand that you may need to visit our front office. When you come to the front door, please ring the bell as normal. Once we grant permission to enter, then you will be required to wear a mask and have a temperature check. You will need to complete a visitor sign-in log before you step into the main office.

Check out these videos to see how BCS has put procedures in place to keep us all safe!

Return to Learn Video Series

Click here to view these videos

Assistant Superintendent Mr. Joseph T. Hough outlines the rigorous preparations underway for a safe return to learning in Buncombe County Schools in a new and growing library of informational video topics.

"Our first priority is the safety of our students and our employees," said Mr. Hough. "We must be proactive and prepared during these ever-changing times to continue educating our students if and when circumstances change."

The initial three Safety Series topics outline cleaning and disinfecting procedures for schools and buses during the COVID-19 season, as well as bus rider screening and the installation of signage, protective equipment, and social distancing markers. Additional topics will be added throughout the year.

Return to Learn: Introduction
Return to Learn: Safe Schools and Classrooms
Return to Learn: A Safe Ride

2020-2021 WvES Advisory Council Members

Advisory Councils serve schools in an advisory capacity and act as a liaison between the Board of Education and the citizenry. Thank you to these parents and staff members who are willing to serve in this capacity!

Bob Lenell

Shannon Boles

Kelly Carroll

Heather Weaver

Natalie Morris

Upcoming Events

August 7 - Phone call to alert parents to Week A/Week B assignment

August 10 - PowerSchool Parent Portal opens and parents may see their child's class placement

August 10 - 12 Parents should receive a welcome call from your classroom teacher

August 12 and 13 - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM - Third Grade students will bring their iPads/chargers/hotspots back to campus. Remote Only learners will take home their laptops. Remote Hybrid learners will be given their laptops the week of August 17th.

August 13 - Virtual Meet Your Teacher Event in the AM (more information to come)

August 17 - First Day of School for the 2020-2021 School Year

August 21 - First Day for ALL students to be Remote Learners

September 25 - Proposed last day for Remote learning for Remote Hybrid learners. The Board of Education will make a decision about next steps before this date.

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