Homework: September 15-19 2014

Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reim



Mixed Practice Set 1-PACE

Ex. 1


Mixed Practice Set 1-REGULAR


The hard copy of both pages is on the webpage to be downloaded. Students may also view the worksheet and write answers on notebook paper.


One digital Diary entry due this week. I taught students how to write a good entry in class this week. The list of character traits can be found in the student' reading notebook as well as on my webpage under the reading tab. Students should select and "A" trait that describes how a character is acting in the chapter book they are reading. They also need to choose a synonym for that trait. Synonyms for all the "A" traits are also in their reading notebooks. If they don't have their notebooks, they can google the word or use an online dictionary. Students need to find the reading level of the book they are reading. They can google the book, or look on the LWB library's card catalogue, or ask me on Monday. For students to grow as readers they need to be aware of the level of difficulty of the book they are reading. I have an example of a "good entry" on the reading website.


Complete Unit 2 worksheet and study words for a spelling test on Friday.

Social Studies

Some students may need to complete the research for the Great Plains and Central Plains of Texas if they did not finish in class. We are moving to studying the Mountains and Basins and the Gulf Coastal Plains of Texas. I wish we could take a field trip to the Davis Mountains and visit the McDonald Observatory. I don't guess that trip would get district approval!


Students are engaged in studying matter.

A challenge..."Can you find the volume of your fist?"

Could you help?

Mrs. Wells' Class:

I am so thankful for all the sharpies and paint pens that have been donated! We have plenty, now. I also have enough paper towel tubes. I wish you could see the children's wax paper maps and hear their comments as they are learning about each region. It warms my heart!

*We also have a plan for water, so thanks for sending in water bottles, I don't think we will need anymore!

*We are running low on Clorox wipes. We clean our desks each week and go through them quickly.

Mrs. Reim's Class:

They need Tootsie Pops.

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