Report Card Committee Meeting

2nd Grade Report Card

Catching up!

In case you missed our last meeting, here is what happened.

As a committee, we looked at the revisions to the content of the 2nd grade report card. We went through each subject and made changes. These changes will be made and shared at our next meeting. There are sill some areas of concern on the time it takes to enter grades in addition to standards with performance levels!

Report Card Committee Meeting

Thursday, Jan 17th 2013 at 4pm

20402 N 15th Ave

Phoenix, AZ

Conference Room B

Here's The Plan

4:00-4:30 How to enter grades in PowerSchools. We will have a 1st grade teacher and Vicki share how to enter grades and select standards.

4:30-4:45 Final draft of the 2nd grade report card

4:45-5:15 Plan for sharing the information with 2nd grade teachers and a timeline.

5:15-5:30 Ideas, questions, thoughts...