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What do we know about pets?

This week we focused on the following questions: What do we know about pets? What do we want to find out?

After talking about it, children came up with great information, which me used to fill in a chart. We will continue to use this chart during the entire unit.

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We also focused on different questions each day. During these discussions children participate by taking turns to express ideas, questions and stories. It is amazing how they have learned to stay on topic and how what they share contributes to the learning process.

Welcoming Our Classroom Pet:

Caring for a small pet can provide young children with the opportunity to learn more about animals firsthand.We can certainly teach about animals through books and pictures … but how much MORE will they learn when they can actually interact with one.

We are happy to introduce Katy and Star, they are very glad to join us. At first they seemed a little intimidated by our kids, especially after they heard them say they like to eat fish (hahaha!), but little by little they are becoming more used to our class.

We will be adding a new Job in our class...Fish Helper. This person will be in charge of feeding and taking care of our friend.

We will keep you posted!

Sorting and Classifying: Dogs vs Cats

I invited the children to join me in a sorting game. We talked about the items we would be sorting and the children explored them for a while. I asked them, "How are these objects alike?" And children identified them as animals and as pets. Then we talked about how they were different. We classified them as dogs and cats. But not all the dogs or cats were the same. So we introduced the concept of breeds.

Children then sorted the animals in 2 paper bags identified with a picture of a dog and a cat.

Building Animals Habitats

"Where do animals live?" was one of the things our children wanted to know about. So, we provided them with some animals in the Blocks Center and asked the to build special homes for them.

Magnet Mazes

After a quick exploration with magnets a few weeks ago, I could tell that our kids found them very interesting. We created 3 mazes for children to practice fine motor skills with magnets.

Roll and Copy

After the huge success of our Roll and Dice with Pete the Cat, we transformed the game and took it to the Writing Table. Children rolled and copied different lines and doodles.

Mystery Readers

This week we enjoyed two books. One was read by Dario's cousins and the other was read by Samantha's mom. I love to see how our children are getting so much better at listening and paying attention during read alouds.

Thank you for sharing your time!

Pet Rocks

This week we started creating a Pet Rock for each child. This will be a long term project for our class. Step 1, this week and the next, is creating the pet. Children chose their rocks and painted them in art with Ms. Jasury's help. Once they dry, each child can add eyes, nose, mouth, maybe feathers, fur, tail...

Step 2 will be taking care of their pets. And that is when you come in. We will be sending the pet home with some instructions. Please help you child take care of the pet. We will explain more for this step next week.


Thank you all for taking the time to come and chat with me. It was a short but enriching conversation. If you have any doubts or questions, please let me know. I can answer them via email or arrange another meeting.

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