Much Ado About Nothing

By: Connor Jaloszynski

Much Ado About Nothing

This play by William Shakespeare is a tragic comedy. The general plot of this story is a soldier named Claudio falls in love with a gal named Hero. When they are about to get married a villain named Don Jon makes it look like Hero has cheated on Claudio. This then "kills" Hero. This play also speaks in prose and verse. Prose is normal talking, while verse is more romantic.

Cast Options

I believe Claudio would be best played by actor Leonardo De Caprio. Leo can plays a very romantic character but, also be very strong looking. He can be thoughtful but very stern at the same time.

Johnny Depp would play an amazing Don Jon. He can be a very mysterious and dangerous actor. He would fit the part perfectly.

Matt Damon would play a pretty funny Benedick. Matt Damon is known for some funny movies and is sometimes weird, which fits the exact description of Benedick.

Leonardo De Caprio, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon


There are many events that happen in this play. I believe that these three are the most important.

First, when Claudio sees Hero for the first. When he first sees this beautiful girl he instantly falls in love with her. This is important because this is the start to all of the events that unfold later in the play.

Second, is when Don Jon fakes the scene of Hero cheating on Claudio. This is important because Don Jon doesn't want Claudio to marry Hero. The next day he calls the wedding off in front of everyone and Hero "Dies". She then hides away while her father is mad at her.

Third and final, is when Claudio figures out Don Jon set it up and goes to marry Leanatos niece. While he is marrying her, the gal takes the vale off and it turns out to be Hero. Everyone lives happy and goes and celebrates.

This made the plot thicken when these three events happened. The characters showed either the side we already knew about them or a different side of them. One scene showed how Claudio can be a true bully.


I personally think there are many themes to this play. Love is a big one also loyalty. Jealousy is a huge one with Don Jon. Trust is a key one also. Lying also happens a lot. These themes are a perfect match to the play.

Song That Represents the Play

Frank Sinatra's 'My One and Only Love" represents the romantic side of this Play.

I picked this song because there is a lot of love in this play. The first seen is Claudio falling in love with Hero. "The Very thought of You makes my Heart sing" represents the way Claudio feels about Hero. This can also represent Benedick when he falls in love with Lady Beatrice, he starts singing in a water fountain. "My One and Only Love" describes how Claudio and Hero feels about each other. The two were meant to be together and get married. This song perfectly describes the love between Claudio and Hero, and Benedick and Beatrice.
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