Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Michelle Marshall - Owner and Funeral Director

During this time of loss you can depend

on my staff for the highest degree of

dignity and care for your deceased loved ones.

The friendly staff here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home

are dedicated the guiding and assisting you with the

highest level of respect and concern during your time of loss.

The staff of Eternal Rest Funeral Home will

provide the most fitting service, tailored to your

individual needs, at the most affordable cost

with the many options we offer.

Pre- Arrangement Planning

Caskets, Vaults, and Monuments

Cremation, Urns, and Keepsakes

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Eternal Rest Funeral Home is committed to providing all inclusive care not only to the deceased but for the loved ones they leave behind. We offer bereavement and grief counseling for all ages. Other resources that are available to help during this time of need can be found at the following websites:

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