Nichelle Haley a writer

Relfections of a crazy chick

I'm a writer who.......

Last year I did not like to write very much until I incorporated what I like to read into my writing. I love to write stories about two kids named Mark and Amber who go back in time to different places. I'm kind of confident in my writing I'll let my teacher read it even if she hasn't asked, I'll let my parents read it and some of my friends. I'm not afraid of anything as a writer except that my writing wont be good. One of my strengths is to write about things that are funny and make me feel happy.

The First Story

When we were in 5th grade I came up with and idea to write a story about going back in time. I thought about what would happen for a long time. Finally I came up with the perfect idea. I would right a story about two kids who go back in time to Ancient Greece during the time of the Trojan war. Most people brainstorm before they write a story. For me it was easier to just start writing. I wrote and wrote and wrote. Since they story had to do a little with history I had to research and make sure the facts I already knew were correct. I wrote all the time, during writing class, at home, in the car and when I was waiting at school when the day was done. I didn't like writing before this and I always hate when we had to right. But no I was so happy we got to right. When I finished my story it was 18 pages long. I thought it was pretty good and had a few of my friends read it. I made a cover page with the title and a back page with and Authors blurb. I was proud of myself for writing a story my teacher did not assign me to write. I am planning on writing more stories like this.

My goals as a sixth grade writer

  • I would like to finish 3 back in time stories
  • I would like to be able to share my writing with everyone in the class
  • I would like to write stories over 10 pages.

About me

I am a 11 year old girl who goes to Trinity School. I am in the 6th grade. I have 2 brothers who are older than me and a mom and dad. I live in Atlanta, GA. I like to play soccer and watch football.