Designing The Best Life

Without a goal, you can’t score

Who am I?

Hey, Hi, Hello, my name is Saad an aspiring student who has a goal to achieve many things throughout his lifetime. I want to experience different cultures, traditions and try different activities that may be out of my comfort zone and or that is out of my normal lifestyle. Try new food, experience different culture, go on adventures and be a dare devil. In the end, we should live our life to the fullest as if it was your last.

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1. Visit Mecca, Saudi Arabia

  • One of the most important place I would like to visit is Mecca, Saudi Arabia due to religious reason as it is required for us Muslims to visit Mecca once in our lifetime. I would like to witness and be a part of millions of people standing together for the same purpose as me.

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2. See The Northern Lights

  • I had always see pictures of Northern Lights but never in reality, I would love to experience this phenomena in person and the beauty of nature as it is very rare to capture this sight.
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3. Scuba Dive In Bahamas

  • As a certified swimmer and a lifeguard I always had a dream to swim with fishes and go scuba diving, experiencing the different lifestyle of the underwater world with millions of different and exotic creatures.
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4. Skydive Over Mountains

  • Skydive has always caught my attention and always interested me. The idea of free falling and looking at the world from above had always been an interest to me as i am a dare devil. It is a once in a lifetime experience that skydiving creates and also changes you who view of life,incredible feeling that I wish to experience.
Hang Gliding at 17,000 Feet Over Colorado's Gore Mountain Range

8. Visit Venice

  • I always had a dream to visit Venice. The idea of boats used for transportation and how the water is used as roadways had always interested me as it is a different and a unique idea which is not very common in the world. Venice also has great architecture which i would also love to see.

~ My Top Bucket List ~

My top bucket list choice was to visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia as it is required in islam for muslims to perfume Hajj once in their lifetime. Another reason why it was placed first is because of the amount of people visit per year and how everything is made out of marble, it's a mind-blowing sight that I would love to experience and see. Mecca has many historic pieces placed in Mecca such as the Zam Zam water which has been continuously been providing water for thousands of years non stop. It is an incredible feeling when drinking Zam Zam water as it is pure clean water with ph scale of 7.0 and proven to be a healing source and great for the human body. In conclusion, the reason Mecca is listed first on my bucket list is due to the religious reason and to see the beautiful sight and taste the Zam Zam water.