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Hey guys, big man here, just messing about with a couple of different microphones that we have we're starting to get very technical, like that's all job here, today's the day that we think we hope we pray that the 3650 has finally got the gremlins owed over and The story of the 3650 has been a very emotional story here at grassman there has been a lot of work over the years as one end to it, but from the bill and video the other day. You will probably remember that she was running well, but there was a little bit of a leak at it, so at the orbital unit, comin a drone, her feet, so brand-new orbital uniden today a downforce 200 and by getting the 10 foot more just to give her A wee bit of a run for her money and see see how she gets on give her a nice nice, better warming up just to make sure and think some of the comments. Our fans have been putting them guy in a the very keen to get a dig David. It'S not all fancy hundred thousand cosplaying trackers. I mean the Mike's them as a super tractor drove them tonight be beg Greg as we call them baby bear repair fix it.

I'M goes out with the 1365, the 3650 just giving it her honor, but so realistically, you're looking at a cost of cost of a boot. Look we'll call it forty grounds with the tractors and two tractors and we'll call it somewhere between 15 and 20 grand between the two Moore's. So when you add that all up you've to you, if that's buzzing about they're, absolutely perfect, you have a tractor. That'S of great valuable use to the farmer throughout the year runs. The rake can do all those little bets and jobs and all we try and take part and help when it comes to Sally. So that's what it's all about. It'S not all fancy rigs and fancy gears with AHS either it's just guy and I don't very often get the team to show on camera as a plan just doing doing the thing sort of normal. I want to play a little bit of a fatty. You know just to sort of showcase the journey of the 3650 with regards to mechanical repairs, and I think in this little short video you will see that there was no stone left unturned. [, Music ], the only nights without your love in the stays were kinky from breaking up. I don't have the strength to fight there's so many questions. Why I need to kill the ma'am [ Music ] they certificate back to [, Music ]. That'S a time about you stealing try to stop pissed, let's be the things: [ Applause, ], five [, Music ] the baby, and I want to [ Music, ], baby [, Music, ], slowly nights without sure in the states where I can keep from breaking [ Music. ] [, Music ], so our 3650 as Oliverio that we tried to make from years ago, I've sort of saneness before of i'ts Lee got that bad a video together. But as the better video that you just watched should tell you, best tractor broke my heart and we wouldn't give up on Chuck. She was leaking everywhere, t-bag. Well, here character. I tried to get character, characters make a tea bike. Car there's a she's, a character Jill way, characters make a tea bike. You don't know what your thoughts and you put it in hot war. Oh one, tiny drop, that's no she's come straight from Montana.

There'S one tiny trope! There was a big puddle in there from that orbital unit, this engines mace on this seed, the big question: no diesel s was absolutely pn8 diesel, so we gon na see Kevin very sort of that. There'S one teeny little issue, but as well sort of know that could be just you know. We bet on the bike engine. Well, that's right! There sets a long time. That'S the one part of this tractor that we have never been into and we need it. That'S backronym to get everything else, sorta so really and truly look a lot of experts rate Deb attack could be Anaheim from gasket, which I don't think it as because there's no mess no ostomy Shawn, we think, but that's at like I mean folks. I know it's very hard for me to get the right in there. That'S that, that's what a project, what a project moron good guy nice t-fame! They get them or doing what it's here to do for the for 2:36. Today'S till she monies the moon next challenge fast Reich wagon Lambo, Creek Commodores. Turning in a full-time job, you know, like, I think, angry. We need a couple of new cameras.