Union of the Comoros

Culture of Comoros

The People

The Comoros islands has a population of 62,000, and is growing at a rate of 2.9 percent. Speaking French and Arabic are most common, because they are tue official languages of the islands. English is also a language spoken there often but they only teach it in school unless you are a worker connected to travel then you would speak it frequently. The main religions are Sunni Muslims ans islamic.

Life Styles

Soccer is most popular sport and each town has a team that competes at the national level. Mainly young men enjoy basketball and volleyball. the holidays they celebrat are New year's day, the Lunar new year, labor day and independence day. Ramadan is a very important/popular holiday because it is the holy month of fasting which is people csn not eat or drink from dwan to dusk.


The biggest health concern in Comoros is Malaria. Cities and owns have hospitals, but basic supplies and equipment are lacking. schooling is free, and every town/village has their own school but teachers are poorly trained ans often not paid. only 30% of all students finish elementary school and even fewer go on to junior high.


Affluent urban families eat at a table with Western Utensils. Usually most families eat on a mat on the floor while everyone is sitting cross legged around several shared plates of food. If a guest attends dinner with entire family he or she is considered family. At large gatherings food is often serves buffet-style and guests stand and eat from many plates.