The Maze Runner

SSR Project Ben Flannery

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Author of the book. Page count in the book

The Maze Runner is written by James Dasher. The book contains 378 pages of mystery and action.

How did I come across this book. Would this be the last book I ever read.

My teachers have been recommending this book for along time, so I finally decided to give it try. Within the first few pages I was hooked. This was definitely the best book I have ever read. If it was the last book that I had to read I would be very satisfied. The Maze runner had left you thinking, making you want to read more and find out what happens.

What I loved about the Maze Runner.

  • I love how the beginning just grabs your attention, 5 pages in and you are hooked.
  • The whole concept of living in a maze assigning jobs and carrying on life adds a good plot to the story.
  • My favorite part of the book is when Thomas, Minho, and Alby got tapped out in the maze. This is where Thomas finds his true potential in the book
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What I didn't like about the Maze Runner

  • What didn't like about the book was how they portrayed Thomas, they made him sound week and uncap able to do anything. Until he is actually stuck out in the maze.
  • I also didn't like how they killed off chuck. When the knife was thrown at Thomas he said everything ad slowed down, then chuck dove in front of him and got hit instead. But i feel like Thomas should have dodged the knife.

My favorite quotes from the book

  • "If you ain't ain't human."
  • "Such a display of death-how could it be considered a victory."
  • "Tonight they would make there stand once and for all."

Would I recommend the Maze Runner

I would definitely recommend the Maze Runner every chapter got you more and more into the book. This was an easy read that is filled with mystery and action.

What I learned about humanity and the ways of people by reading The Maze Runner.

I learned when we are pushed to the limits you will do crazy things to survive. There will be losses along the way but you learn from those mistakes and become stronger as a whole. This book gave me whole different look on how do my tasks at hand for the better. I have learned so much from this book and I hope that any reader will learn or benefit from this book too.