Being a Twin

By: Simar Kaur Sekhon


Being a twin is fun, helpful, and annoying. It can be fun because you always have someone to do things with but then again, it's not fun playing with the same person for almost every moment of your life. You can do your homework together and ask your twin for help when you need it. The most annoying part is when people can't tell you apart, they make a big deal of it and make you stand side to side so they can compare you both. Also, some twins share a room which can be annoying if you want to be alone or do something that you want to be a secret (like make a birthday present for your twin). These facts are based on my life and can be different for every twin.

The Difference between Fraternal and Identical Twins

Many people don't know the difference between Fraternal and Identical Twins. The only and simple difference is that they are born differently. The Fraternal Twins are born with two sperm cells joining two egg cells at the same time. Identical Twins grow from one fertilized egg splitting into two identical parts. Each part becomes its own person. Now you know the difference between them both.

Identical Twins:

Fraternal Twins:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you twins?

Who's older/taller/smarter/more athletic?

Do you share rooms?

Can you read each others minds?

Do you feel each others pain?

Do you like being a twin?

Are you in the same class?

Do you wear the same clothes?

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Are you (Name) or (Name)?

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