Drones, Drones, Drones!

Are they the future?

drones today!

Drones in today's society are really popular now a days. Someday drones will be sending mail to your door step or even food. Drones were first used by the U.S. military in 1930. Pilots and gunners use them for target practice by shooting them out of the sky ("invasion of the drones"). To this day, the military are still the main users of the drone. You can also buy drones online for 500 dollars. With people that have owned the drone, there have been 20 near misses between drones and aircrafts ("invasion of the drones"). Many people are worried about the government and police could be spying on citizens. Privacy has been messed with as well with drones, and people are not putting up with it. Drones have been a problem for a while now because of military use, privacy issues, and kids using this technology. Is the world ready for the drone?

Military use with drones

Drones are playing a bigger role in warfare than ever before. Nearly one of three U.S. Military aircrafts are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's). Some are are the size of a small jet plane and they are about 3,000 pounds! Our military using drones will be a great Advantage against the enemy.