MQP Lake Wickaboag

Engineering Project by Miri Becker & Kevin Gray

BMP Design at Shea Road

Bioretention Area

Plant Choices

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Vegetative Filter Strip

  • 50% TSS removal rate with pretreatment
  • Not entirely sure what the actual TSS removal is without pretreatment
  • However, we believe it is the best form of conveyance and pretreatment into the Bioretention Area.
  • Equations for sizing were from the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual, but they provide inconsistency with regulations in the MA Stormwater Handbook.

Alternative Possibilities

Catch Basin & Grassed Channel

  • Together receive the 44% TSS removal rate
  • Catch Basin is easier to clean as opposed to the channel or filter strip
  • Might be too close to seasonal high water table to allow for Catch Basin construction

Subsurface Structures

  • Looked into the Stormtech chambers due previous implementation elsewhere
  • Primary issue is the regulation for infiltration systems requiring a 150 ft downhill buffer and a 100 ft uphill buffer
  • Secondary issue is the drainage area, which has a 5 acre maximum