e-Learning Team

November 1, 2016

Musical Morning Announcements with Gabrielle Union

Problem: There has been debate about what this team does? Your goal is to explain to others your roll on this committee.

eLearning Committe

Technology e-Learning Committee

This group was established for the specific purpose of integrating technology into our buildings and curriculum. The district e-Learning Committee consists of approximately 22 members from grades K-12 including teachers, administrators and instructional technology staff. This group has been meeting often to plan and deliver professional development opportunities for other district members. This group will serve as the technology experts in their buildings. All members will attend state and regional conferences in order to collaborate with others and learn new instructional technologies. As a member of this group, it is a commitment to help provide professional development to other teacher.

Friday, Oct. 28th, 9am

650 Conistor Street

Liberty, MO

Mission, Vision & Core Values

What Themes do you see?

Use the Google Drawing provided to record your thinking.

District CSIP

Where do we start? What can we do during PD day to meet these objectives? During eLearning days?

Work Hour

Explore other school district websites:

What do we like or not like about design?

What information is provided for parents?

How is the information delivered?

What company did they use for their website?

Share your Cool Tech Tool!

PD Opportuities