Notes from the Library

November 4-15

Lessons in the Library

Fifth grade is continuing their ocean animal research projects. We are providing students with time to use library resources and instructing on mini lessons in source citation and outlining.

A few Third Grade classes are finishing their animal ecosystem unit with a research project. Collaboratively, groups of students are designing a habitat background and individually writing a speech and making a puppet about one animal in the habitat. Each group is presenting to the video camera for a class DVD.

First and Second grade students are using online library resources. Due to Book Fair and my absence for a few days due to conferences they are utilizing the computer lab a lot and making self-selected reading choices using our online book resources.

Book Fair Success!

The Book Fair ran very smooth last week. Thank you so much for being patient as the library was taken over. We look forward to resuming our usual library schedule!

Our profits were down from past fairs, which will happen from time to time. We made a cash profit of about $1800 along with some Scholastic Bonus Dollars. Money will be spent on books for several areas of the library. We do follow a collection development plan when making purchasing decisions. Some areas of the library that have seen recent improvement include careers and community helpers, dance, religion, and soil. Our fiction collections have also been greatly impacted mostly by the purchase of new series our students love. The target areas for this year include geography, country books, and poetry.

I do keep a running list of staff and student suggestions. These can always be made by submitting this Google Form for Book Suggestions.

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