Sheep Identification.

Taylor Diffin

importance to produers

So they can keep track of how many they have and where they are on the farm

So they can keep tack of what animals are coming or going.

So they now what animals are ick or not.


The national animal identification system. It is a system that helps farmers to have the capacity to rapidly identify all animals & premises that have had direct contact with a disease. N.A.I.S consist of 3 components ~

1. Premises (or site) id

2.animal id

3.animal tracking

Types of sheep identification

Ear tag -semi permant because they can come off.

Tattoo - permanent

Paint brands- temporary

Scrapie tags- permanent , semi permanent

Electronic id- permanent and semi permanent

Ear notching - both

Nose prints & retina- both

Chalk, &spray -temporary

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Importance to consumers.

So they cab have healthy products.