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ATTENTION: Summer School Announcement


Harmony campuses in the DFW area, including Harmony School of Innovation – Fort Worth, will not offer summer school in 2015. Instead, students in grades 4 through 8 who failed one or more of their core content classes and / or did not meet the standard on all of their STAAR tests will be required to take a Harmony Grade Promotion Test (HGPT) to determine their grade level for the 2015-2016 school year.

HSI-FW will provide test review packets the last week of school to help students prepare at home. Students who do not successfully pass the test will be referred to a Grade Placement Committee (GPC) to make final placement decisions.

The Grade Promotion Tests will be held the third week of June; the GPCs will meet the last week of June as needed.


Mrs. Diane Nelson & Mr. Alan Burke

Assistant Principals, Academics & Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: To whom does this apply?

A: This applies to students who fail at least one core content class as well as to students who do not meet standard on a STAAR test. It also applies to students with excessive absences.

Q: Who serves on the Grade Placement Committee?

A: A parent, an administrator, and the classroom teacher.

Q: What happens if the GPC cannot agree on a decision?

A: All members must agree on promotion for the student to move on to the next grade level. If parties cannot agree, the child is retained.

Q: My child needs extra help. Can I send them to another school or facility?

A: Yes. You may enroll him / her in another summer school program to prepare for the HGPT.

Q: I already made plans for the last two weeks of June. Can I have my child take the test early?

A: Yes. You may arrange to take the Grade Promotion Test early if you wish. We recommend that the student takes two weeks to review for the test, however.

Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions / concerns?

A: Feel free to contact the AP of Academics for the grade level in question.

Mrs. Diane Nelson (Grades 4-6)

Mr. Alan Burke (Grades 7-8)

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