Don't Miss CORE Training!


CORE Training-Eastridge Community Church

Sunday, June 9th 2013 at 6pm

863 Hwy 142

Covington, GA

What is Child Abuse and How to Spot it...

After Scott speaks to all ECC volunteers, E-town volunteers will receive specific training about child abuse and learn how to spot it! This information will help you minister to kids more effectively and help keep them safe.

E-town volunteers are encouraged to bring a snack or appetizer to share

Who doesn't love chips, wings, pizza bites, and a buffet of dips before a good CORE meeting?
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What is God saying to you?

What are we doing at ECC?

Why are we doing it?

Where do I fit it?

Think about what God is saying to you. Come ready on Sunday, June 9 to discuss your part in making disciples that Love God, Love People and Reach the World.

-Pastor Scott Moore