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Should Chewing Gum be Allowed in Schools?

Should Schools Ban Gum?

Schools want their students to be achieve more and be successful, right? But why do they ban gum when research shows that chewing gum actually improves learning?

Many people think that chewing gum is a bad habit, but this article will show you how chewing gum helps students in school, and has many health benefits, also.

School Benefits.

One reason that chewing gum helps you in school is it "helps students work better and longer." (To Chew or Not to Chew) Chewing gum during school helps to improve concentration during stressful situations. When you are taking a test or quiz, chewing gum will actually help with dealing with stress. Administrators might think gum is distracting, but really, gum helps students maintain focus, and help them learn.

Health Benefits.

The Second reason gum is good for you is that it has a lot of health benefits. According to the University of Rhode Island, "...Chewing gum raises you metabolism by 20 percent." "As a matter of fact, gum is healthy option to avoid overeating." (To Chew or to Not Chew) One might say that when you chew gum, you are prone to tooth decay. But actually, chewing sugar-free gum reduces cavities by 70 percent!