Baby Bulldog.


baby bulldog

Their was a baby bulldog that was born in 2010 he was black and white spots was on him. He was a nice puppy but his mother was very sick the owner had to kill her because so the baby would not get sick.So he can grow up to see the world after they was done barring her they toke the baby out for a walk to see the world and after they got home they toke care of him but as sone as he tern 2 he got lost when he went out to go pee even no he was at his house but her herd his name being called Oreo come here boy then he came and fond his way back home even no he was at the house when he tured 12 he died because he was sick like his mother So they only had the father left but the owner gave him away for 500.00$ because he wanted a little girl to have a new dog. for her birth day because she never had a dod in her life and the owner was sad when he gave him away.