Lion's Roar

February 19 ,2016

Be informed!

Upcoming Dates @ W.T.

Monday-Feb 22nd
  • 5th Grade Mock Math(3rd&5th switch specials)
Tuesday-Feb 23rd
  • CBA 2-4th Reading
Wednesday-Feb 25th
  • Dr. Clark here for Campus Walk(She really is coming this time:) & Coaches are here!
  • 3rd TELPAS tutorials 12:30-1:00
  • 4th TELPAS tutorials 1:30-2:00
Thursday- Feb 25th
  • CBA 2nd-5th Social Studies
  • 3:45 Science Club
Friday-Feb 26th
  • End of the 4th 6 weeks
  • 4th Mock Reading
  • 2nd TELPAS tutorials 8:50-9:20 & 9:45-10:15
  • Zooniveristy Kinder Only- 1:30-2:00
Monday-Feb. 29th
  • Staff Meeting STAAR training 3:45-5:00- All must attend except the office staff.
Tuesday-Mar. 1st
  • ART PLC Day- Team leads please email me your agenda
  • MP Out
  • 2nd-4th CBA Math
  • SONIC Day
  • 5th TELPAS tutorials 2:00-3:00pm
Thursday-Mar. 3rd
  • Dental Screening-schedule to follow
  • 2nd-5th Science CBA
  • Office Meeting 10-11am
  • Zooniveristy- 1st grade only 1:30-2:00

Friday-Mar. 4th

  • Dental Screening-schedule to follow
  • Zooniveristy- 2nd-5th 1:30-2:00
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February 20th Ashley Wolfe

W.T. Information

Texas Public Schools Week:
  • Be thinking what you will hang in the hall for parents and community to see!

Earphones for Ipads:
  • We have some that will be available at the staff meeting to grab if you need them for your classroom.
Tardies & Early Dismissals:
  • We are tracking these daily in the hallway poster and our goal for both is ZERO!. In order for it to be accurate please only enter tardies if a student has a tardy slip (it looks like a visitor sticker). If a student comes in after you have done attendance then Watts enters those.

Grade level orders:

Summer Professional Learning ELAR- Email MP if interested!

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ROARS-These Lions need a High Five!

  • W.T. Francisco got an award for "Most Improved Attendance" since this time last year.
  • PTA got an award for most improved PTA membership!
  • Mr. Thomas for doing two peoples job this week with a smile:)

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