Ally Finkle Blast From The Past

By:Meg Cabot


I am currently reading Ally Finkle Blast From The Past.It is a realistic fiction.It is also about getting bullied and standing up for people that are getting bullied.the main charcter is Ally,she is really shy and kind and brave.The secradary charcter is Chneyye,Chneyye is one of the bullyes in the book.Ally's brothers are really mean except Kevin he is a little kid.Ally went on a field trip and the school Ally used to go to is coming and all of Ally's bullyes are going on the field trip.


I liked it when Ally found her cat, it got stuck in the wall for some reason the cat liked it in the wall.By the way the cats name is Mewsie.The reason why there was a hole in the wall was because there was mold in the wall and construction workers were fixing it.I also liked it when Ally's friends stand up for her.


I did not like it when Ally got bulled by the mean girls.I also did not like it when Ally's little brother Kevin asked the construction workers for a hard hat i don't like because Ally has to take Kevin to school and back and forth every day and he were's it every day to school when they have school.I did not like it when Chneyye made fun of Ally's dress for the field trip.

favorite chacter and why

My favorite chacter is Ally because she is just like me i am shy and Ally is shy i am kind Ally is kind i stand up for my friends and Ally stands up for her friends.

why someone should read the book or why someone should not read the book

someone should read this book because it kind of teaches a lesson not to bully pepole