By: Tatum

What is stress?

Stress is a feeling that is created when we react to certain events.

What type of stress is there?

There is good &' bad stress. Good stress is called eustress, this is a short term stress that is good for you. Bad stress is called distress , it is long term stress that is not very good for you.

What does stress do to us ?

Stress cause a lot of things to happen in our body's. Stress will activate our nervous system &' release hormones. The two hormones that are released are adrenaline &' cortisol, they go right into our bloodstream.

What does adrenaline &' cortisol make happen ?

Our heart rate starts to speed up, our breathing rate, blood pressure, energy and sweat production.

Unhealthy way to relieve you stress.





Healthy Stress Relievers.

Talking to someone



Having fun

Getting sleep

Keep healthy