The first concentration camp

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the start

Dachau was made in march 1933. It was the first concentratoin camp. Dachau was a prototype wich means that all of the other camps were modled after it. the first year Dachau was open there was 4,800 prisoners and by 1937 the number had risen to 13,260. In 1937 the ss had prisoners construct a larg complex of builbing on the grounds of the original camp.

ss business

the theft of possessions, clothes, and even hair from arriving prisoners was a proftable business for the ss. the ss made even more money from hiring out the prisoners.$1 for skilled workers, 75 cents for unskilled workers, and 40 cents for each child the worked
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There was 3,000 roman cathlics imprisonrd there.43,350 were called political prisoners while 221,945 were jews. In 1944 a womens camp opened in dachau.


On april 29, 1945 Dachau was surrender to the U.S and Britan by ss-stermscharfuhrer heinrich wicker. May 1945 prisoners liberation by american forces
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