Psychological Disorders

Hany Badaiwi

What Is a psychological disorder?

This is a disorder involving the thoughts, behaviors and emotions of an individual which can cause distress upon ones self or others.

What is DSM?

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

David Rosenhan

David L. Rosenhan was an American psychologist. He is best known for the Rosenhan experiment, an experiment challenging the validity psychiatry diagnoses.

The biggest changes from DSM IV to DSM V

Identifying the symptoms of ptsd, changing the name of childhood bipolar disorder to disruptive mood disregulation disorder. Gambling, addiction and internet gaming disorder have also been added.

Bipolar Disorder

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is a victim of Bipolar Disorder. Gibson has been known to throw racist rants, be aggressive and mention death threats over phone calls. He lost his child in a custody battle due to how angry he always is and he's almost gotten into big trouble multiple times. Some psychiatrist presume that he does take medication for his disorder and he usually acts different if he forgets to take it. Gibson however doesn't officially have the disorder, a psychiatrist never actually evaluated him however most have stated that he might have it just by looking at him. Other famous people that suffer from bipolar disorder include Margot Kidder, Vivien Leigh, Demi Lovato, Carrie Fisher, Linda Hamilton and Vincent Van Gogh. There are also many famous books that cover bipolar disorder such as "An Unquiet Mind", "Touched with Fire" and "The Bipolar Child".