FAQ and our Nine Presenters

Edtech Share Fair 2015

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Edtech Share Fair FAQ

Q: What is the Edtech Share Fair?

A: The Share Fair is a chance for our Shelby County Public School educators to share edtech tools that have impacted learning. Attendees will first be given a chance to preview and prepare which presenters they will see. Next, attendees will go to their first station of their own individual choosing, arranged "science fair expo" style around the space. For five minutes, the presenter will discuss their tool; for five minutes, the presenter will lead and engage in a Q & A with their audience. At the ten minute mark, attendees will be asked to "reflect and rotate": reflect on what they just experienced using a provided reflection tool, and move to the next station of their choosing. At station #2, the process repeats. There will be time for five rotations before the Share Fair ends, yet there are nine presenters -- so picking which ones to see and in what order will be up to each attendee.

Q: Why call it a "Share Fair" and not a "Showcase" or something else?

A: Good question! First of all, we need to give credit for the name to instructional coach Amanda Gift, who knew of "Share Fairs" when she worked at a past district. (Their organization may be different than ours, but we liked the phrase!) Second, as we detailed above, this is NOT a typical "sit and git" PD. For at least half of the time, the presenter actually leads his/her audience in a discussion about the tool, and hopefully will learn as much as he/she will teach. So the educational "sharing" is truly a two way street.

Q: Where and when will the Edtech Share Fair be held?

It will be held on Thursday, March 26, 2015 from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm at the district's brand new Learning Center (located next to Southside Elementary).

Q: What is the agenda for the day?

4:00 to 4:15: Welcome and Preparation

4:15 to 4:25: Station #1

4:25 to 4:30: Reflect and Rotate!

4:30 to 4:40: Station #2

4:40 to 4:45: Reflect and Rotate!

4:45 to 4:55: Station #3

4:55 to 5:00: Reflect and Rotate!

5:00 to 5:10: Station #4

5:10 to 5:15: Reflect and Rotate!

5:15 to 5:25: Station #5

5:25 to 5:30: Reflect, turn in Reflection Tool, and say goodbye!

Q: Sounds great! How do I order tickets and get more information?

A: You can order FREE tickets at our Eventbrite page.

For a visual tool on how the Share Fair will look and work, visit this ThingLink page.

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Our 2015 Presenters

Makenzi Hunter (SSE): Blended Learning Tools

Ms. Hunter, an elementary art teacher, provides multiple opportunities for students to experience digital learning in and out of her classroom. She will discuss how she integrates tools such as her Ladibug document camera to record model examples of art creation that students can watch and revisit, and how her Instagram account brings their inside world to the outside.

Maddie Meyer (SSE): Educanon

Educanon allows teachers to select online videos and make them interactive assessment learning tools. Ms. Meyer will explain what used to be a group experience now becomes personal and how Educanon allows for individual data collection that shapes the way she teaches.

Eric Miracle (CCE): Google Drive and Flubaroo

How can you give quick quality feedback while teaching fluency in multiplication? Mr. Miracle will discuss not only how Google Drive (a cloud-based document creation and collaborative space) helps achieve this, but how a tool like Flubaroo can instantly grade multiple choice quizzes and email results to the student.

Karen Falkenstine (Simpsonsville): Kahoot

Ms. Falkenstine is a library media specialist who needed an engaging tool to assess her students on how well they met reading standards. Kahoot fits the bill! Let Ms. Falkenstine share how this online quiz tool is fun and impacts learning for students of all ages.

Mindi Keiner-Rummel (EMS): ShowMe

As an ECE teacher, Ms. Keiner-Rummel's work with small groups of students is often and essential. (As SCPS teachers who emulate workshop methods, we know groupwork is an integral part of student learning.) ShowMe is a free iPad app that allows students and teachers to "write" on a digital whiteboard while narrating their steps; the final video can then be saved and shared. Ms. Keiner-Rummel will explain how ShowMe keeps students collaboratively engaged and allows for more rigorous work.

James Wampler (EMS): Edmodo and Edpuzzle

Teachers would benefit from a cloning machine so they could be "anytime, anywhere." Edmodo allows Mr. Wampler to do the next best thing. By having a digital space to share and post student thoughts and work, Mr. Wampler can carve out a digital place for learning. He will also discuss integrating tools with Edmodo such as Edpuzzle (a video annotation/assessment tool that can collect individual data from students).

Bart Roettger (SCHS): Nearpod

Polls, quiz questions, a drawing tool AND slides of content -- Nearpod makes presentations easily interactive (just import a PowerPoint!) and individual data collection a snap. Mr. Roettger will share how he integrates Nearpod into his math lessons, making a greater impact on student learning.

Adam Hicks (SCHS): Google Drive and Weebly

Mr. Hicks, in his own words, "wanted to create an authentic and practical way for students to track their writing, as well as to manage a student-centered digital remediation and enrichment center." Hear how the collaborative and cloud-based Google Drive, integrated with Weebly (a website/blog creation tool), allows him to reach that vision.

Lindsay Ricke (MLC): PhET

It can be hard to visualize abstract concepts in science and math. As Ms. Ricke will demonstrate, PhET (a K-12 science and math simulator website) not only does that well, but increases engagement and opportunities for discourse in her classroom.


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