Shinies Love Letter #4

Consistency. Efficiency. Ownership.

Happiness Wall

Dear Shinies

It is 85 days or 23.29% into our term, 2014/15.

We have been working hard this quarter focusing on education, executing our plans, tracking and managing our members. Have you stopped amidst of all the busy-ness and hectic schedule and ponder what was the result of our time, effort and passion combined? More importantly, why are we tiring ourselves for.

Last week, I realised that I have been becoming less productive, frustrated with myself and unclear of my direction in executing my role as LCP. After some self reflection, I'm now much clearer than before and I couldn't agree more that it is super duper essential to be really honest with our direction, needs and wants in life. I also realised that amongst us, some of us are straying away, losing motivation and purpose in doing what we do.

Despite that, I am really happy that we have come this far, hopefully still keeping up the positive attitude and willingness to learn. All of this wouldn't be possible without each other's support and sense of accountability for each other and this LC. I couldn't emphasise more on the importance of having a clear purpose and determination in continuing on with the remaining 76.71% journey of intense challenge and self-discovery.

Of course, I feel that we could have achieved so much more if we have done and not done certain things. It's not too late to reflect, review and improve on ourselves, right. It's a matter of whether we want it badly enough or not.

Reality Check

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The numbers on doesn't tally with our actual performance. I really hope the exchangers take note and update the actual performance every week on the MC-LC Tracker so everyone knows our current standings at all time. The number below I checked with MC except for oGTP, it's not confirmed due to the break match case (so I consulted Carmen Cheok).

Looking at the percentage realisation of the entire term goal, we are still way behind and need to catch up fast. Focus programmes or not, let's do our very best. Nothing is impossible when we set our mind to it.

One thing to note is that, looking at Q3 performance, do we need to change how we're doing things? Is there anything we can do to significantly increase our process efficiency and effectiveness? Sometimes it's not about optimising our processes, it's about revamping the entire system to what works best. Be bold, take risks.

NEB #2 Output (summarised)


- SWOT of Q3

- Q3 Performance Review

- IC Bring Back

- Q4 and Q1 Focus and Plans

- MC-LC Feedback

SWOT of Q3


  1. 15 delegates in IC
  2. Entity partnerships
  3. physical touch point, MC to LC support (eg. MRD)
  4. Action driven + Relationship between MC+LCPs
  5. Crisis management
  6. Clear product packaging
  7. Firefighting
  8. LCs have focus programmes
  9. Corporate support (eg. Unilever)
  10. Constant communication from MC to LC (newsletter)


  1. Tracking & implementation
  2. Lack of planning
  3. Lack of strategies to drive productivity
  4. LC relying too much on MC
  5. Lack of empowerment to the LCPs and EBs
  6. Website, digital marketing
  7. Last minute
  8. The understanding of Inner and outer journey is not strong in TLP, hence lead to lack of implementation on inner and outer journey to EPs.
  9. Nothing on process optimisation to be seen
  10. Decision making without data and rush in time
  11. External alignment
  12. Lack of clarity of why
  13. Lack of communication (TM & iGCDP)


  1. ASEAN 2015
  2. Government focus on youth
  3. CEEDership opportunity
  4. APLS (Penang development)
  5. MSC relationship & contact
  6. Iskandar development
  7. University management
  8. Youth interested to go abroad
  9. Product diversification
  10. Technology advancement - automation & reach out
  11. Untapped Public Relations opportunity


  1. Retention rate (due to optimisation of men power)
  2. Alumni who are not aligned
  4. Academic timeline
  5. Bad experiences in some companies might create branding crisis
  6. Our competitor - career offices & other youth initiatives
  7. Legality of the organisation (eg. MoU)


This organisation has existed for 66 years now. But do we really know the roots of AIESEC and how it impacts our lives? Let's go back to the fundamentals.

It is so so so important that being leaders in any organisation to understand the company's history, impact model and values AND relate/personalise it with our own's. If we fail to find that strong connection, we eventually fail to fulfill our fullest potential and your effort will go to waste.

I encourage you to read more about it here and perhaps find a really strong reason that you are proud of. I'm not sure if any company has such a booklet explaining their purpose of existence, vision, how to achieve them, etc so detailedly. AIESEC is one good example to emulate if you were to start your own company.

The AIESEC Way consists of 5 elements:

- What is AIESEC

- Vision

- Our impact

- The Way We Do It

- Values

Leadership Development Model

After an extensive survey and feedback collected from alumni all across the globe by AIESEC International, these are the top 3 elements on how AIESEC has developed these leaders MOST. Hence, the leadership development model.

- Self awareness

- Effective communication

- Responsible for the world

In every thing that we do now on, do incorporate these three elements in order to develop the leaders that the world NEEDS.

Q4 Focus and Plans

3 National Focus

- oGCDP Winter Peak (SU, CU, TU, UTP)

- iGTP Sales Boost

- Customer Flow & GIS

Important notes:

1. What's our winter peak (Jan-Mar 2015) goal?

70 realisations

2. What are the strategies?

EPRD Sept, EPRD Nov, Global Village in Oct, Outcampus EPRD

3. Which are the focus countries?

Mainland of China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Romania, Korea

4. Who are our focus target audience?

1st and 2nd year degree students.


1. Co-delivery management

- Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS) and Incoming Preparation Seminar (IPS) alignment - meaning OGX and ICX have to set clear expectations and partnership agreement to deliver the desired EP experience

- monthly meeting with TN manager

2. Marketing

- Promotion of projects will be focused on values (what can EP get from specific TN form)

- requires effort to obtain details about the projects to promote to EPs directly

3. EP LEAD Framework and Delivery


1. Innovation Project

- Collaboration between Malaysia, Vietnam and The Philippines

- Idea concept: similar to GIP but unpaid/minimal salary internship and shorter duration (3-6 months)

- Aim to launch in winter peak

- Jayson Chia is working on it

- Targeted to contribute to 10% of national iGIP realisation goal

- new pricing structure


1. Get all EPs to fill up NPS

2. ASEAN Project (National project)

- Collaboration with Thailand and Cambodia


1. Match all available forms! (TU and SU forms)

2. MC Director (Jane) to provide EP contract SOP and matchability guideline

Talent Management

1. MyLDS 2015

- UPM, Serdang

- 21-26th January 2015

- 3 tracks (Junior, senior, EP)


- support oGCDP and iGIP in LEAD framework (and delivery if needed)

3. Performance Management System (PMS)

- to be implemented in each department

Marketing & Communication

1. Functional syllabus (by John)

2. Internal Communication (by Jayson Sue)

3. SOP/Guideline for customer flow and GIS (by Ming Yu)

4. Clarity of WHY and HOW campaign

5. Product understanding material and handbook

Finance & Legalities

1. TLP Learning & Development

2. Travel cost sharing model

3. Election framework and MCP election

4. National functional training


1. Share your happiness.

2. Go through The AIESEC Way toolkit

3. Update Shinies 101 & MC-LC Tracker every Sunday night

4. Manage own departmental tracker consistently

5. Start AMAN report

6. Start living C.E.O. and R.I.O.T.

7. Be prepared to unlearn and relearn during LLDS

8. Block 6th October 2014 (Public Holiday) for Shinies Team Day! :D

9. LCP to have Personal Development Talk with each VP (will inform on slots booking soon)

10. Take some time off to self reflect.

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Me love you long time, Shinies! :)