DeLasalle Brother

Holy Orders

What is religious life?

A religious life is society in which they believe in God and present public vows in order to show that they are committed to living a religious life for eternity.

What is a Brother?

A religious brother is a man whom dedicates his life to follow Christ and to become apart of the Catholic institute. A Catholic Brother can either become a doctor, nurse, teacher, electrician, cook, lawyer, technician, parish minister or artist. They also devote their life to serving the community.

What is a Sister/Nun?

A sister is an informal name to call a nun to show respect. A Nun is a member of the religious community, who live under vows of poverty and obedience. In order to serve the church Sisters dedicate their life to live in prayer and with God.

DeLasalle Brothers

what is the mission of the order/congregation?

The mission of the order is to give education to the kids in world 3 countries like Africa. To do this they provide teachers for a group of student/country

Who founded the order and when?

The saint that founded this order was St John Baptist de La Salle in 1683. He was a French Preist and educational teacher who dedicated his life in order to teach kids who can't afford to go to school in France/World 3 countries.

Why did the find the order?

The purpose of why they found the order was to give a human and Christian education to the young and especially the poor.

What type of work to they do in Australia?