Get Healthy

eat healthy,think healthy

It says

More Canadian children are overweight and for the first time the country's younger generations are expected to live shorter lives than their parents because of obesity, says a new Commons committee report made public yesterday.

I say

I think that's really sad because already a normal person is expected to live only 80.4 years so if kids are even shorter life span, that not good because there parents will out live them and they will spend less time with their kids
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And so

I think schools should make some more healthy running and playing stuff in their schedule such as more gym, more recess and also at home parents should make their kids go out and play and run, not just watch TV, computer and phone,eat sleep, and that's end of life.Also they should eat healthier foods like the food guide says and not just pizza.Pizza is good, but just only once in a while.
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